Mission & Outreach

Rummage Sale: FPC hosts a rummage sale for the community of Sterling twice a year. The rummage sale facilitates good stewardship by providing an opportunity for people to donate items they no longer need and offers needed household items to members of the community at discounted prices. Proceeds from the rummage sale are used to support mission and outreach projects.

Our Purpose is to serve one another as we live God’s love.

Core Values. . . We believe in and try, with God’s help, to live out the following values:

Compassion. . . We extend mercy and understanding to all people.

Grace. . . We forgive as we are forgiven.

Transformation. . . We are open to the ways of God to change perspectives and attitudes.

Reverence. . . We are mindful that we are always on holy ground; God is with us in everything we do.

Inclusion. . . We accept and welcome all of God’s children, regardless of age, race, color, creed, political affiliation or sexual orientation.

Community. . . We are the Body of Christ who addresses the needs of our neighbors near and far to promote God’s Kingdom of love.

Proactive Commitment. . .
We seek God’s will acting in one accord to anticipate future needs and changes.

Joy. . . We do everything in a spirit of happiness, energy, and love.

Integrity. . .
We live what we profess to believe.
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